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If you’re having a hard time meeting quality partners who you can connect with, our celebrity Matchmakers can help. Using our discreet and customized matchmaking process, we find love and committed relationships for clients who are ready to find their happily ever after.

The Best Celebrity Matchmaker for Selective Singles

Our elite matchmaking service makes it easier for singles with high expectations to have a more successful dating life. April Davis knew that there was a better way to help discerning men and women who were looking for love to find their perfect match. So, she founded LUMA Luxury Matchmaking. 

LUMA’s success has led to April being featured on countless media outlets and print publications as the go-to service for selective singles who are looking for a better dating option. 

Our Matchmakers are relationship and dating experts who make quality introductions between people who have great potential to form a loving, long-lasting relationship. We understand that the journey to finding real love isn’t easy, and being a successful or wealthy person makes it even more challenging. 

  • You worry about confidentiality. Pursuing a relationship with another person who has the same status might help, but finding someone like-minded who you also connect with is difficult and time consuming. 
  • Online dating is nearly impossible. There are too many scams on dating apps for you to risk making even a discreet dating profile. You also just don’t have time for endless swiping and first dates that go nowhere.
  • Traditional methods don’t work. If you have a demanding career, you don’t have time to go out and hope you might meet somebody who is genuinely interested in you and not just your status. 

Working with our celebrity and millionaire Matchmakers is the best way to circumvent these challenges and find the joy in dating once again. We eliminate the stress and tailor our services to give you a better experience and a more direct path to true love.

Our professional dating service is always confidential. We pre-screen and interview every candidate prior to your meeting. This way you’ll know that you’re only being introduced to singles who have the same relationship goals and who will make a great match in every way that counts.

“As a Matchmaker for our elite clients, it’s critical that I understand the challenges they face in the dating world as well as what they’re looking for in a partner. Maybe they haven’t dated in a while, or have been unsuccessful, and they’re feeling a bit insecure about diving back in. They might need help with their personal style or don’t have time to do the date planning. Our services let them focus on building a connection with their date while I take care of the details and build their confidence.”

Why Choose LUMA’s Celebrity Matchmaking Services?

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is one of the top professional matchmaking agencies in the industry. We serve clients across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and we can connect you with Matchmakers in the city nearest to you.

There are many reasons to hire a professional Matchmaker from LUMA, but we think our 85% success rate matching our clientele with committed partners speaks to the talent and dedication of our team.

Working with a high-end Matchmaker is also a more direct and highly personalized path to finding love. You’ll save time and receive exceptional services tailored to your specific dating and relationship needs.

This is your love life and your future, and you don’t have to compromise to find what you’ve been looking for. You simply need the right team behind you, doing the heavy lifting.

Exclusive Access to Qualified Singles

Maintaining a high success rate for our clients is important to LUMA, so we only work with clients who will be the most successful in the program. No fake members here!

Personalized Searches

Matchmakers personally see, meet, interview, and hand-select matches that are introduced to our clients. There is no algorithm or AI. Matchmakers average 50 interviews per client. Essentially, we go on the first date so our clients only meet the highest-quality matches.

Boutique Matchmaking Service

LUMA enforces a 15-client limit for each Matchmaker so that each client gets the individualized service they deserve. Clients will have their Matchmaker’s cell phone number and regularly scheduled meetings to review dates and get advice.

The Best Matchmaking Team in the Industry

90% of our Matchmakers have 10+ years of experience and are fiercely passionate about helping their clients. All LUMA Matchmakers are professionally certified Matchmakers, trained life coaches, and regularly grow their skills through cross-skill trainings with other professionals.

We Care About Your Success

Our team develops a bond with our clients that goes beyond our “jobs.” We get a chance to help real people meet their potential soulmate. Everyone from our team of Matchmakers to our Founder, April Davis, is involved—and we are here for it!

What to Expect When Working with LUMA

Our proven and successful matchmaking process has helped many celebrities find the love, and lasting relationships, that they were looking for.

  • FIRST STEPS – You’ll start the process by meeting with your LUMA Matchmaker to discuss your relationship history as well as what you’re looking for in a future partner. They will give you a personality test to help you (and them) learn more about yourself and what you have to offer in a relationship.
  • FINDING YOUR MATCHES – We perform an extensive search throughout our networks to find your matches. We have a strict screening process and we personally interview about 50 matches per client.
  • LUMA LOVE METHOD – Our Matchmakers are also trained life coaches. They can support you with relationship coaching to ensure success at every stage.
  • THE FIRST MEETING – We plan an introduction using first names only. This is usually an activity-based meeting to avoid the awkward interview feel and to encourage building connections.
  • FEEDBACK & NEXT STEPS – You and your date can exchange contact information if the meeting goes well. Then, you’ll each give feedback to your Matchmaker and prepare for the next exciting step in your relationship!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering if high-end matchmaking is the right decision for you, here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive.

Do celebrities use matchmakers?

Yes, many wealthy or high-profile men and women use LUMA Luxury Matchmaking to find a partner who understands the unique demands of a busy lifestyle or career. And LUMA specializes in finding matches for celebrities who prefer a confidential search for love.

Who should consider a celebrity matchmaker?

If your busy career or public lifestyle prevents you from finding success with dating apps or traditional dating methods, a celebrity Matchmaker can help. They will heavily screen each candidate to ensure you only meet the highly vetted matches with the most potential.

What type of men use matchmakers?

Our male clients are typically looking for long-term, committed relationships—or even marriage and a family. But, the demands of their careers make it difficult to meet people with whom they connect. LUMA provides a straighter, faster path to meeting compatible partners.

What Our Clients Are Saying...​

"Imagine my surprise when I met the love of my life through LUMA. Thank you so much for changing my life!"
Jay and Kathi - Perfect partner at LUMA
Jay and Kathi
"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Jason. He's the love of my life and we'll be forever grateful."
Jason and Khrystena - Perfect partner at LUMA.
Jason and Khrystena
"I am very pleased to be working with April and her staff. I cannot imagine dating in any other context."
Kenton and Coleen - Perfect partner at LUMA
Kenton and Coleen

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Should You Consider a Celebrity Matchmaker?

Celebrity Matchmatchmaker and LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking Founder, April Davis, is no stranger to love and relationships amongst professionals, Executives, and high profile individuals. Having worked with famous clients, April knows how to grapple with the challenges of celebrity dating. 

Check out her appearance as a Celebrity Matchmaker on Bravo’s Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. With a wealth of experience and a no-nonsense attitude, April provides clients with invaluable insights into the world of dating and relationships. Her thoughtful and nuanced advice helps them find life-long partners and navigate challenges such as communication breakdowns, trust issues, and interpersonal conflicts.

Discover the power of matchmaking and how April and LUMA can help you navigate the pitfalls of dating as a Celebrity, high-profile, or famous individual. 

Celebrities and the Magic of Matchmakers

Celebrities and the Magic of Matchmakers

Despite being famous and meeting a lot of people, dating can still be very challenging for celebrities. Meeting someone through an app or the traditional way via a mutual acquaintance can be quite difficult, which is why a Celebrity Matchmaker can be of assistance.

Matchmakers are experts in helping people meet potential partners without exerting the initial efforts of actually looking for them. In addition, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is a confidential dating service, which can be very appealing high-profile singles. With services such as this, it’s no wonder celebrities are the perfect client for Matchmakers.

Matchmakers understand the unique challenges that celebrities face when it comes to dating and can help them overcome these challenges through the following:

  • Personalized Confidential Dating Experience

Unlike regular people who use dating apps, celebrities can’t just sign up in an app and hope for the best. Matchmakers provide a customized and discreet service, carefully selecting potential matches for their clients based on the qualifications that they’re looking for in a partner.

  • Efficient Dating Process

Matchmakers understand that celebrities have busy schedules, so they work around these to find a suitable time for them to meet their potential matches. This saves celebrities time and effort in the dating process, allowing them to focus on their careers while still being able to find love.

  • Guidance and Support

Matchmakers provide celebrity clients with more guidance and support throughout the dating process, like coaching them on how to navigate the dating world. It gives celebrities a better chance of finding a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Find Love With the Help of a Celebrity Matchmaker

Luma Luxury Matchmaking Services is where celebrities go to meet the most eligible singles. Our pool of potential matches is filled only with the most brilliant and beautiful bachelors and bachelorettes who can make dedicated life partners.

Sign up for a membership or get in touch with us today!

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