Create More Beautiful Life Experiences By Saying These Daily Affirmations

As a professional matchmaker, oftentimes I meet people who are absolutely amazing. They’re attractive, successful, and all around great people. However, they’re wounded. Something has happened in the past that has severely impacted them. If this resonates with you, you’ll be happy to know there’s something you can do about it. You’ve probably heard about affirmations in the past. Here are 5 simple affirmations you should repeat on the daily.

  1. “You’re handsome or beautiful.”
  2. “You deserve the best.”
  3. “It will happen if you keep trying.”
  4. “This too shall pass. Everything will be ok.”
  5. People’s words about me reflect themselves.

We all can use a little more positivity and compassion in our lives. Thankfully when things feel like they’ve hit the ultimate low, you can remember that you’re not in that movie Groundhog’s Day. You only have to live each day once.

We can instinctively go down the negative path when life isn’t going the way we’d like. Get rid of those negative voices that creep into your mind.  When you replace the negativity with positive affirmations, you’re changing your thoughts. Thoughts lead to words. Words lead to actions and you will have more beautiful life experiences.

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