Long-Distance Dating: Is It Worth the Trouble?

If you’ve found a potential partner, but he/she lives outside your city, state, or country, and the pandemic has prevented you from seeing each other as much as you want, you might have to prepare for the inevitable. Long-distance relationships (LDR), after all, are not a walk in the park—even for someone like you whose nose is buried in meetings and documents 24/7.

This is the reason that if you’re in Dallas, for instance, premium matchmaking services suggest finding a match from Dallas, too, or at least in a city nearby. This way, you’ll have access to each other anytime. 

All is not lost. The internet has made it easier for LDR couples to be part of each other’s day, albeit virtually. However, the usual relationship problems will still be there. And being present only through technology could weaken the foundation of your bond, especially if the other person is in another country or continent.

Long-Distance Relationship Problems

Most of the problems in a long-distance relationship stem from the fact that couples don’t see each other often (at least not in person). This results in stress, misunderstandings, and the possibility of taking each other for granted. Here are three of them:

Communication Problems

Communication is vital to any relationship’s success and longevity. Technology provides many channels where you and your partner can communicate. Still,

  • Text/chat messages and emails lack the ability to convey your emotions accurately.
  • Scheduling video and voice calls become difficult when you two live in different time zones.

Communication problems, when left unaddressed, will result in misunderstandings that can quickly evolve into arguments.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

An obvious problem with long-distance relationships is the lack of a physical connection. This can be a major issue when you’re the type who wants to express yourself through physical touches, such as hand-holding or hugging. Long-distance dating will also be difficult when you just want to be held by your partner after a hard day.


It’s common for you to feel lonely when your partner lives in a different city, state, or country. Surrounding yourself with friends or keeping your work schedule full to the brim can alleviate some of the isolation, but it won’t solve everything. Also, the affection you receive through your screen can’t compare to having the person by your side.

Long-Distance Relationship Tips

If you are insistent about long-distance dating, there are some things to consider. The following can improve how you and your partner will interact with each other.  

  1. Discuss the frequency and length of your communication. Also, figure out which channels you two are most comfortable using, whether it’s texting, phone calls, or video chatting.
  2. Know each other’s schedules, so you can be available when the other is free. It also helps you know when you can call them for a matter you want to discuss or ask advice from or when you can expect a call from your partner.
  3. Tell each other how much you love and appreciate your relationship. It’s easy to forget you have someone out there when you’re dealing with your stuff on your own most of the time.

At the end of the day, it would help to assess whether you have the best arrangement in your relationship, with all things considered. If you and your partner want a lifetime commitment, a long-distance one may not be the best setup.

Find a potential partner in your area instead. You can choose to date or not date regularly, given your work schedules, but it would be your choice rather than a forced circumstance.

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