What It Means When a Guy Is Not Texting You Back

This is a terribly convoluted road that we’ve all been stuck in before. Everything seems to have been going well, the last few dates were fine, but the fact that he is not contacting via text message is eating you up inside. You start to ask yourself what you might have done wrong that you didn’t notice, or if there’s something wrong with you as a whole.

So, what is exactly the issue? Is there really something wrong with you?

No, it’s the rampage of social media and the ability to text someone and communicate them in such an easy manner.

There are always times when we count the minutes since they’ve last responded, and you want to also calculate when you respond back so that you don’t seem too desperate, or too disinterested. There is even texting etiquette that needs to be upheld, and you start to worry and fret when your man isn’t cooperating.

But counting the minutes since he last responded and replying in the same manner won’t trigger a reaction in him! If a guy is not texting back, it could be for various possible reasons.

1. He’s Not That Into You

No matter how driven, engaging, and gorgeous you are, you have to face the possibility that not everybody will like you. This is not the end but the beginning of your relationship escapades. It’s better to let go than force an unnatural bond. 

Remember – the universe takes everyone who’s not ‘the one’ out of your path for a reason! There could be a hundred reasons a guy isn’t texting you back, but it’s better not to dwell on them – there’s always bigger fish in the sea. 

2. He Needs Space

Guy Is Not Texting You Back

Not everyone is a texter, and not everybody wants to share every minute of their day with their date. However, this is only a superficial answer in most cases. 

If a guy isn’t texting you back, he may just be busy with other things, such as work, family, or personal projects. Put yourself in his shoes – wouldn’t you want to be understood in such cases instead of made to feel bad?

3. He’s Being Himself

You’ve had a few dates and are ready to take the relationship to another level, but his slow replies drive you crazy. Have you ever considered that maybe that’s just how he is?

Not everyone is a texter, and most flaky texters are very engaging in person. If you’ve been dating this guy for some time and haven’t noticed any red flags besides his texting habits – you can relax.

4. He’s Busy

And this brings us to our next point. Before jumping to conclusions, ask yourself a few questions. What’s his job? What are his responsibilities?

There are also non-work related reasons he might be busy, such as a renovation, helping his parents or siblings move, or being there for his friend in a difficult situation. Wait for things to cool off, and don’t push it – he might tell you the reason, whatever it might be. 

5. He’s Playing ‘Hard to Get’

This technique might be a strategy to increase your interest in him and spice up things in the relationship. He might be testing you to see if you’re really into him and to discover what you do when you’re worried sick.

While the seeking game can be fun, you’ll get sick of it at one point. We suggest sitting your guy down and addressing your concerns. 

The world of texting due to technological advancements is both incredible yet terrifying, all at the same time. Every move is specifically calculated, and your responses can either benefit or hurt your chances with your man. The best piece of advice might be cliche, but be yourself. If he doesn’t text back, that’s okay. You deserved better anyways. The real gentleman would call you rather than interact with you through tiny words on a palm-sized screen. You are worthy of being loved, and you will find someone who loves you for you, whether it is with the help of the text messaging system, or not.

At the end of the day – the reasons he’s not texting you back are more to do with him than you. So, worry about yourself and consider him an afterthought.

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