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Stop wasting your time on dead-end dates. Meet your suitable match with the help of seasoned matchmakers. LUMA is your partner in finding your lifelong partner in Ohio.

There’s no place sweeter than Ohio. It’s the home of Rock n’ Roll, where all four seasons pass in full glory, and where sporting events are always big events. There’s just one thing missing — a sweetheart you can explore the best of the Buckeye State with.

If you don’t want to experience the (often unrewarding) world of online dating, or if you don’t have the time to attend several social events, hoping to stumble upon the right life partner, then Luma Luxury Matchmaking will be your wingwoman. We are high-end matchmakers who help professionals and executives in Columbus, Ohio and other cities increase their chances of finding “The One.”

LUMA employs a tried-and-tested match method in which we pair clients with the most suitable candidate from our pool of singles. You will be introduced to a person who meets what you want in a partner and the ensuing relationship. Trust our matchmakers in Ohio to help you with your search.

With Luma, you don’t have to put your heart on the line as you invest in frail relationships forged on the internet. You also don’t have to navigate through the social circles of your social circles for people who meet your standards and are determined to build a healthy partnership.

Let our matchmakers find you the perfect match in Ohio. Book an appointment today.

Award-Winning Boutique-Style Matchmaking in Ohio

Luma Luxury Matchmaking views wiping across faces as tedious and emotionally exhausting, and we believe algorithms can’t understand emotions or interpersonal interactions. So, where digital platforms have turned dating into a numbers game, we’ve doubled down and intensified our interpersonal interactions between clients and potential mates.

At LUMA, all clients are treated equally. You begin your journey with an in-depth interview with one of our matchmakers in Ohio. The interview helps us determine a suitable match for you from our pool of candidates. This network is made up of singles who have gone through our meticulous screening process.

LUMA is dedicated to quality. Each client gets our undivided attention, making sure your needs are met. We combine technology with good old-fashioned matchmaking when pairing couples in Ohio. Experience elevated matchmaking with LUMA.


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LUMA’s Personalized Matchmaking Services in OH

Luma Luxury Matchmaking understands how exhausting it is to go on a series of first dates without any success because your date wasn’t a good match. Our matchmakers will dig deep to uncover the characteristics you admire and find singles who fit the bill. We have a vast network of singles who, like you, are serious about entering and sustaining a beautiful relationship.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking is proud to provide award-winning matchmaking services in Ohio.

  • Personalized Services – LUMA only takes on 15-20 clients at a time to ensure the quality of our services. It gives us enough time to know you, making the matching process more accurate. Also, all services are personalized to achieve better results.
  • Methodical Match Process – LUMA conducts in-depth interviews with each client to help us find their matches. We have a network of singles who meet stringent standards, including profession, life goals, and relationship goals. It helps us make dating in Ohio easier for busy professionals.
  • Date Coaching – We won’t let you go into the date unprepared; Luma matchmakers provide up to five hours of date coaching to help you make a dashing impression on your date. You’ll learn how to steer conversations, play up your positive characteristics, and give your date a good time.

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Discover how professional matchmaking services will help you find your perfect match in Ohio.
"Imagine my surprise when I met the love of my life through LUMA. Thank you so much for changing my life!"
Jay and Kathi - Perfect partner at LUMA
Jay and Kathi
"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Jason. He's the love of my life and we'll be forever grateful."
Jason and Khrystena - Perfect partner at LUMA.
Jason and Khrystena
"I am very pleased to be working with April and her staff. I cannot imagine dating in any other context."
Kenton and Coleen - Perfect partner at LUMA
Kenton and Coleen
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