Dating during COVID: How to Date Safely amid a Pandemic

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are at an all-time high because of the coronavirus pandemic. Studies confirm that touch starvation and lack of social interaction have negative effects on one’s mental health and well-being.

To battle loneliness, many people turned to online dating apps, resulting in a huge spike in global usage. However, swiping right on Tinder can only do so much. Users can’t spontaneously meet up for a date for fear of contracting the virus.

Medical experts agree that virtual dating is the safest option right now. But if you want to meet your date in person, there are ways to do it without compromising either person’s health.

Follow these tips on dating during COVID-19 to make sure you and your partner are safe the entire time.

1. Consider matchmaking services

professional matchmaker will not only set you up with someone, but they’ll also organize your dates for you. Luxury matchmaking services have adapted to the new normal, making sure their clients are safe throughout the date. They’ll choose a COVID-friendly venue, book the reservation, and take care of the testing, if necessary.

Plus, the best thing about hiring a matchmaker is the assured compatibility of you and your date. They’ll pair you up with someone with similar interests and hobbies, increasing the chances of a successful match. This level of compatibility is hard to find when you’re just scrolling on dating apps.

2. Have the COVID talk

The “COVID talk” is a crucial aspect of dating during the pandemic. It means asking about your date’s day-to-day interactions with strangers, if they’re working from home or reporting to the office, and similar questions. The goal is to get an idea of their level of exposure to determine if you feel safe seeing them in person.

Here are some COVID-related questions you should ask before a date:

  • Does your job require you to be in close contact with other people?
  • Do you live alone or with other people?
  • Do you go to public places or use public transportation?

Expect your date to ask you the same questions. Be honest with your date because this information ensures both of your safety.

3. Maintain social distancing and other precautions during the date

Before meeting with your partner, establish ground rules on how the date will go. Communicate that you expect them to maintain social distancing and wear a mask, unless you’re eating.

You can also talk about your transportation methods going to the date. If you’re not comfortable meeting someone who just got off a shared ride, make sure you tell your date early on.

Choose a date venue that allows you to socially distance, preferably an outdoor location. You want a place that’s well-ventilated and provides hand-washing facilities. Research the venue’s COVID-19 safety regulations and cleaning procedures beforehand to know if you’re comfortable going there.

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to date amid the pandemic. Establishing emotional and social connections can help you cope during such trying times. Just remember to observe the necessary precautions to ensure you and your date’s safety.

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