Dating in During the Covid Pandemic

Living in the United States can be very lonely especially if you are not originally from here. American society is designed for individuality therefore independence is there for the taking. Women are no longer dependent on men like they used to be back in their grandparents’ days. Unfortunately, this has caused people to live isolated lives and therefore are very lonely.

As social creatures, we must be connected to a tribe. It even impacts our health so much that limited and inconsistent social networking can have a more damaging effect on your health than obesity and smoking. It is said that often the reason why so many people pass away after they retire is due to the lack of social interaction. 

Relationships strengthen our immune system and help us quickly recover from an illness which is one more reason why during this time when we’re facing a global pandemic, connectivity is needed now more than ever. 

Of course, it’s challenging to date especially someone new if you can’t physically be with them so I’ve compiled 15 Tips For Dating In Quarantine:

  1. Creative Communication
    1. Use video
    2. Send pictures, audio clips, 
    3. Be engaging
    4. candle
  2. Flirt
    1. Create sexual tension
    2. Teasing
    3. Funny
    4. Dress up
  3. Activity Dates
    1. Facetime & Wine
    2. Take them with you anywhere you go (or don’t go)
    3. Play games together, watch movies, show off talents/skills
    4. Recommend books, videos, etc.
  4. Surprise them with your generosity
    1. Surprise Gifts, postcards, handwritten letters, etc.
    2. Food – restaurants
    3. Offer to pick them up something from the store if you’re in the same city
  5. Keep it positive

Do you have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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