How to Choose a Matchmaker
(So You Can Find Your Match Now)

Navigating the modern dating world isn’t easy, and the process can feel defeating. And so, more and more singles are choosing to hire a Matchmaker. Learning how to find a Matchmaker, how their process works, and what you should be on the lookout for will help you find the best fit.


Why People Are Turning to Personal Matchmaking Services

Personalized matchmaking services offer you discretion, along with high-quality introductions and better dating experiences. Because of this, the demand for these services by affluent, high-profile, and busy professional singles has increased greatly in recent years.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to waste on lackluster dates. Your time is precious, and you want to direct your energy toward a promising connection that leads to something more meaningful. Matchmaking is the perfect solution.

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking offers personalized attention throughout the process. We offer unique services such as image consulting, lifestyle coaching, and dating feedback to help ensure you have the best chance for a successful relationship.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Matchmaker?

Engaging a professional Matchmaker provides unique benefits and advantages that you can’t gain from dating apps: better quality dates, privacy protection, and a lot of saved time.

With your potential dates selected by a professional, you can put down the apps and say goodbye to awkward conversations—and walk into a date knowing that you’re both on the same page from day one.

Quality Introductions

Matchmakers ensure that when they introduce two singles that their relationship goals, lifestyles, and personalities are in alignment for the best chance of success. Your Matchmaker will get to know you in an in-depth interview and only introduce you to a potential partner who they strongly feel will be a great match.

Proven Track Record

Professional matchmaking has a high rate of success. As high-end service providers, they are dedicated to finding the right match for their clients that will lead to the long-term, committed relationship they are seeking. After all, your success is their success!

Saves Time

Save time and meet people who are looking for long-term relationships; it’s one of the biggest advantages of hiring a Matchmaker. Dating apps, blind dates, and going out to socialize are all time-consuming efforts. And that time is often wasted on either poor quality dates or meeting people who are simply looking for something different.

Key Takeaway

The advantages of using a matchmaking agency are saving time, meeting people who share your relationship goals and interests, and greater likelihood of success in finding a long-term partner. Your Matchmaker does all of the heavy lifting, and you get all of the benefits.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Matchmaker

Not all Matchmakers are created equal, and selecting the right one can significantly impact your journey to finding lasting love. It’s important to choose the right Matchmaker whose process you are comfortable with, who meets your cost expectations, and can provide you with client testimonials.

Evaluate The Cost

Matchmaking companies have a variety of pricing structures. Many also offer a range of packages with additional services that you can choose from. Fixed-price packages are fairly common for matchmaking services that cater to elite clientele.

There are monthly pay-as-you-go plans available from some companies. These may seem more affordable at first, but the cost can potentially be higher if the search for a compatible partner takes longer than expected.

Review Their Testimonials

An experienced Matchmaker will have a high rate of success. LUMA Matchmaking has an 85% success rate. Ask about the Matchmaker’s success partnering couples, and have them provide testimonials from previous clients.

These stories can provide valuable insights into the likelihood of your success at being matched. They can also highlight the Matchmaker’s ability to match couples within specific cultural, age, or religious groups.

Learn The Matchmaking Process

Matchmaking is a process. Learn about the potential Matchmaker’s methodology before you sign on. Some use personality assessments to get to know their clients while others use interviews and intuition. Many Matchmakers use a combination of these methods.

Transparency is crucial to building trust between you and your potential Matchmaker, so they should be willing to openly communicate about how they go about matching potential dates.

Key Takeaway

As you choose your Matchmaker, keep in mind that price often reflects value. Explore different pricing models, learn the methodology that they apply to their matchmaking process, and ask for proof of success.

Ensuring a Good Fit with your Matchmaker

You’ll find the best Matchmaker when you choose someone who you connect with on a deeper level. This will be the person you are putting in charge of your dating life; you’ll be building a relationship with them, too, as you take this journey together. You need to feel comfortable with them on a personal level and have confidence in their abilities as well as professionalism.

Potential Matches Selection Process

Learn how your Matchmaker will choose your potential matches. Will they simply scour a database to find the person who has the most similarities in their goals or interests as you?

Or will they go deeper, getting to know you on a personal level and identifying relationship traits that you admire or avoid? Find the right person for the job and you’ll have a better outcome.

Evaluating Their Understanding Of Your Needs

You want a Matchmaker who takes their time getting to know you. They have to be a good listener and naturally empathetic.

Use your initial consultation to evaluate the Matchmaker as they get to know what you want in a relationship. If they are only focused on the sales pitch and not focused on you, your needs, and your goals, then they’re likely not the best choice.

The Matchmaker’s Approach to Client Privacy

Discretion is paramount when it comes to luxury Matchmaking. Any reputable Matchmaker will have strict measures in place to protect their clients’ privacy throughout the process.

Ask your prospective Matchmaker to share their client privacy policy with you and what steps they take to protect valuable client data.

Key Takeaway

Choosing a Matchmaker is a personal journey in and of itself. Make sure you find somebody who you are comfortable with and who is committed to not just finding you a quick match—but a life partner.

Researching and Evaluating Matchmaking Services

Start your matchmaking industry search online by reading reviews of different companies that offer the services you’re looking for.

Pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective of the response to the company’s capabilities. LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is proud to have a high number of positive reviews, thanks to our successful matchmaking process.

Understanding BBB Ratings

If the company you’re researching has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, that’s a great indicator of their value and trustworthiness. A high rating indicates high customer satisfaction, and a low rating may indicate ongoing issues.

Newer companies without a rating may still provide excellent services but haven’t had the longevity to earn a rating yet. You don’t need to immediately disregard a new company with promise but no rating; just make sure you do your due diligence before committing.

Red Flags to Look for in Matchmaking Services

Any time you consider a valuable investment you want to protect your interests. Investing in your love life is no different. There are tips to help make sure you avoid red flags and make sure you’re hiring the right dating service.

  1. Elite Matchmakers where only the men pay: These services often allow anybody to sign up to be in the dating pool and don’t necessarily vet the candidates. The rates of success in finding a long-term match with this method are lower.
  2. Strictly local/area-specific or demographic-specific companies: Local companies can only match locally, which is a disadvantage. They have a smaller pool of candidates to pull from to match partners, and they tend to skew to an older age group.
  3. Small team: Having just a small number of Matchmakers on a team means less manpower for out-of-network recruitment. This leads to a smaller pool of candidates to make matches.
  4. Social club: If a company is event-focused, they are not likely investing in the personal matchmaking process. Instead of making quality introductions, they are simply creating a space for clients to do the work themselves.
  5. Guarantees: There is no guarantee of love. This is beyond any human’s capability to absolutely provide. We do our best to find your perfect match, but in the end it comes down to chemistry.
  6. Cost: Working with your budget is always advisable, but cost is indicative of value in this industry. If the price is too good to be true, it more than likely is. Ask targeted questions about what you will get with your package.

Questions to Ask a Matchmaker

Finding your life partner can be difficult, but finding the right Matchmaker isn’t as challenging. Before signing up, ask your potential Matchmaker these critical questions.

What is Your Success Rate?

This is probably the most important question to ask your potential Matchmaker. If they have a high rate of success they are going to be willing to share it candidly to support their competency. If they have a low rate of success, they may try to dodge this question or obfuscate the answer.

LUMA’s 85% success rate is at the top of the industry, something we are very proud of and attribute to our proven LUMA Matchmaking Method.

What’s Your Process for Finding Matches?

Making a good match that can become a loving, committed relationship takes careful consideration. Understanding your Matchmaker’s process for finding compatible matches helps you build trust and have confidence in their ability to provide quality introductions.

This is why LUMA Matchmakers do face-to-face interviews with clients: to get to know their personalities and what they seek in a love interest. We then create your dating profile and search among our 50,000 eligible singles for your perfect match.

How Do You Handle Negative Reviews?

Ask a Matchmaker how they handle negative feedback about their services. How they approach their business reputation online is a reflection on their commitment to their clients. Look for evidence online that they follow up on negative feedback (every business has some) and make efforts to resolve the issue.

LUMA makes every effort to resolve any concerns that our clients might express about their experience. While we are confident that our Matchmakers provide exceptional service and our success rate speaks to our positive reputation, we welcome honest feedback and take it very seriously.

Over 25 years of Experience Matching Elite Singles

April Davis, LUMA’s founder and president, set up her first successfully married couple when she was just 16 years old. Since then, she realized that she’s meant to help singles find “The One.” She established LUMA with the belief that everyone deserves to be in a healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship.

LUMA’s team includes several lifelong Matchmakers with over two decades of experience. The team’s continuous education and training are remarkable. Their penchant for personal connections sets them apart.

Join LUMA and meet your perfect match.

April Davis, Founder & President


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FAQs Related to Finding a Matchmaker

Whether you’re still thinking about hiring a professional Matchmaker or you’re ready to make the leap and find love now, here are some of the questions you might need answered to get your journey started.

What should I look for in a Matchmaker?

Find a Matchmaker who you connect with personally. Having a comfortable, honest relationship with your Matchmaker is vital to your success, and theirs, in finding you a great match. They should be experienced and have a proven track record of success.

What is the average cost of a Matchmaker?

The price of matchmaking services ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the type of service you go with. The price will be tied to the level of personalization you receive and the quality of the service.

Is paying a Matchmaker worth it?

Yes! A professional service will save you time and give you the best chance of finding a truly compatible match that has great potential to become a long-term, serious relationship.

What type of men use Matchmakers?

Men who have very busy professional lives, are successful, or have a high-profile, struggle to find meaningful relationships with online dating or through traditional dating efforts. They value their time and these men find that matchmaking offers them a better opportunity for a successful relationship.

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