5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Matchmaker

A professional Matchmaker provides personalized service to help you find the best possible partner for a committed, successful relationship. Matchmakers help people who have struggled with traditional dating approaches or online dating services. They offer their clients a safe, successful, and confidential approach to dating.

Key Takeaways

  • Matchmaking services help singles seeking relationships find dates who share their interests, values, and relationship goals.
  • Matchmakers save their clients time by providing better quality dates with secure, vetted matches.
  • Singles seeking long-term relationships, not casual dates, will benefit from hiring a Matchmaker.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Matchmaker

Hiring a professional Matchmaker gives you the best chances of finding your perfect match.

Even though there are more ways than ever to meet new people in today’s dating landscape, it can be hard finding someone who you truly connect with.

If you haven’t had the best luck meeting people or socializing in the local dating scene or online, you might start to wonder, should I hire a Matchmaker? If you want a better way to find a potential match, hiring a professional Matchmaker might just be the answer. LUMA founder April Davis says, “If you want to have a better experience, or just want to meet that right person, then you hire somebody that’s a professional.”

Today, matchmaking remains strong, with an estimated 1,600 businesses of this nature operating in the United States. Singles pay a fee, fill out a form, and meet with a Matchmaker. The Matchmaker will then go through their list of current clients and interview potential dates to see who matches your personality and values. Once they find you a match, they’ll contact you and arrange a date.

Professional matchmaking services increase your opportunities to find the perfect partner. Someone who you have true chemistry with to build a successful, long-term relationship.

1. Meet Singles Looking for a Partner

One of the struggles of using dating apps and websites is finding a potential partner who is looking for more than a casual date. Finding compatible singles who are looking for a serious relationship can be a real challenge! If you’re looking to find love or a life partner, matchmaking is three times more likely to help you find that special someone you’ve been hoping for.

A personal Matchmaker will present you with potential matches from their extensive database. These people have also paid for the services of the Matchmaker with the interest of finding a long-term partner. So you can have confidence that they are equally invested in finding a partner with the same relationship goals.

2. Personalized Service

Dating apps and websites rely on algorithms to find a match, and going out to meet people requires luck. On the other hand, Matchmakers take a more personalized approach. And while online dating tools provide convenience, they simply don’t have the commitment to success that a personal Matchmaker will provide.

Once you hire a Matchmaker, they’ll take the time to get to know your personality. They’ll learn your interests, your lifestyle, and the qualities you want in a partner. This allows them to narrow down their search and pinpoint the candidates who have potential to be your perfect match. They’re equally invested in helping you find the love of your life.

3. It Saves Time!

The dating process can be time-consuming and frustrating. You either have to take the time to go out and socialize and hope that you might meet somebody worth dating, or spend hours swiping left or right on your dating app. And all of that is before you take the time to go on the date itself—and hope it wasn’t a waste of time.

If you don’t have time to go these routes, or simply want to improve your dating success rate, consider hiring a Matchmaker. When you hire a Matchmaker, they will find, screen, and personally interview potential dates for you. This gives you more time to attend to work and other personal matters. Also, finding the perfect someone sooner rather than later means more time to share meaningful experiences with them.

4. Provides a Layer of Safety

Finding a date on your own involves some risk. You’re likely to meet people who might take advantage of you or misrepresent themselves on the app—and even during your initial meeting. According to a study by PEW, 71% of online daters say it is very common for people on the platforms to lie about themselves to appear more desirable, and only 3% of online daters think this is not a common occurrence.

Matchmakers can do background checks of potential candidates, and they personally meet and vet the matches to make sure they are sincere. So you can have total confidence that the person you’re meeting has been well-vetted. There’s also a high level of confidentiality when you use the services of a Matchmaker.

5. Better Quality Dates with Date Coaching

Matchmakers understand the stakes are high. Some clients don’t have the time to risk an awkward first date. And your success is their success, so they do their very best for you to find—and keep—your potential partner. So, aside from making sure you find the perfect match, Matchmakers also help you make an excellent impression.

They’ll give you advice on your appearance and dating etiquette. Helping you pick the right outfit, down to the right colors, depending on the atmosphere of the date so you can feel confident knowing that you’re perfectly prepared for any occasion. They will also provide you with excellent dating advice, such as activities to suggest based on your mutual interests to help make those first encounters even more memorable.

Who Should Hire a Matchmaking Service

When you’re looking for a serious relationship, using a Matchmaker is a great choice.

People hire Matchmakers to help them find a compatible life partner—something that often feels elusive. There are a lot of reasons why you might seek out matchmaking services. You might not know where to start finding like-minded singles who share your interests. Your recent dating experiences haven’t been great. Or trying to find a date online just isn’t working out.

Matchmaking is the perfect solution if you’re selective of your potential partner’s circumstances (desiring somebody who has similar career demands, for example). You might have specific life goals that are important to you, and you want somebody to share those experiences with. You might simply prefer to see results more quickly; fewer bad dates is always preferable! Some successful singles value their privacy and want to meet someone of equal stature.

Who May Not Be a Good Fit for a Matchmaking

If you’re seeking a casual relationship, you probably aren’t a good fit for a matchmaking service. This is the difference a top matchmaking service makes: they only work with singles who are ready to commit.

Singles who are dating but not ready to invest in a long-term relationship, those who are new to the dating world, or those looking for somebody to spend the night with won’t find a good match among the clients served by Matchmakers. If you would place yourself in these categories and are wondering, are Matchmakers worth it? The answer is no.

How to Start Working with a Professional Matchmaker

Start working with a Matchmaker by hiring a reputable company. Inquire about the size of their database, success rates, and their process to find quality matches. Meet with the company and vet them to see if they are a good fit with your dating goals.

Prepare for the matchmaking consultation. Know what you’re looking for in a partner, what your goals are, and why you’ve taken the step to hire a Matchmaker.

Familiarize yourself with the process. LUMA uses a proven 5-step process:

  • Step 1. In-Depth Interview: meet with your Matchmaker and discuss yourself, your ideal match, and review your relationship history.
  • Step 2. Date Coaching: Our Matchmakers are also Life Coaches who will help you have the most successful experience possible.
  • Step 3. Search and Vet Matches: We interview all potential matches in person and on average that means we’re vetting about 50 people per client. We determine who would be a great match based on your values, goals, personality, and needs.
  • Step 4. Meet Your Match: Introductions are on a first name basis only to maintain confidentiality for both parties. Your first meeting will be based on something you both enjoy such as a walk in the park, coffee, lunch, or other low-stress activities. You and your date will decide if you want to exchange information and meet again.
  • Step 5. Post-Date Feedback: After the date both parties will call the Matchmaker and give her feedback. As a client, you will also get feedback from the Matchmaker, and your Matchmaker may act as a go-between to help the couple move their relationship to the next level.

FAQs about hiring a Professional Matchmaker

Why hire a Matchmaker?

Working with a Matchmaker can help you secure a long-lasting relationship in less time and with less frustrations along the way. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective clients.

Is it worth hiring a professional Matchmaker?

Yes. A matchmaking service is dedicated to finding you the partner that you’ve been looking for and have not been able to find with traditional or digital dating approaches.

Are Matchmakers better than dating sites?

Matchmakers are a safer, more successful, and personalized approach to finding you a committed partner.

How much does a matchmaking service cost?

Matchmaking services range widely depending on the service you hire and the type of memberships they offer. Some have monthly plans, and others charge a flat fee.

What’s it like working with a Matchmaker?

You and your LUMA Matchmaker will have an introductory consultation to discuss your relationship goals and history. Then we create your customized dating plan. You’ll meet with your Matchmaker regularly to give feedback on your introductions and receive dating support.

The Bottom Line

When looking for a lifetime partner, leave the search to the professionals. LUMA provides luxury matchmaking services for people who want fulfilling, long-term relationships. With an 85% success rate, we take pride in focusing on quality matchmaking to find the perfect partner for our clients. We conduct initial screenings and accept only clients who have a high chance of success with our service. We also provide coaching to help your date go as seamlessly and smoothly as possible. Are you ready to meet your ultimate match?!

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