From Dating to Business: Key Business Skills to Develop for Connection

The vice president of The 2112 Group is interested in hearing “some tips from a dating pro on upping your business game.” He is interested in getting a quote from a client who works in the technology field. The 2112 Group is a technology business strategy service firm.

As a dating coach we provide our clients with tips and advice on essentially everything when it comes to attraction, conversation, connecting, and building a relationship.  Many of these same techniques and skills transfer over into the business world.

Ultimately, the parallels between dating and business emphasize the importance of developing strong relationship-building and communication skills and the ability to pursue shared goals, manage conflicts, and adapt to changing circumstances. Business skills to develop for connection also include presenting oneself professionally and confidently. Pursuing goals with determination and drive can help individuals succeed in their careers and personal lives. 

Here are some tips that can help you develop your business skills:

1. Presentation – Dress for Success

Although this is a common phrase, when I look around the busy streets filled with corporate professionals over the noon hour, not everyone lives this idea. First impressions are key to getting that job, promotion, or that client. Physical appearance is extremely important when someone decides they want to work with you. This impression helps them to perceive you as able to do the job. We can’t change the cards we’re dealt when it comes to our features, but you can control the variables such as clothing, grooming, and how you carry yourself.

2. Confidence – Get Some

Confidence can help you immensely in the business world

Confident people most often are seen in positions of leadership and authority, but this confidence may not come naturally to them. Part of the reason leaders are secure may be a result of their position. Although it can be a very useful trait to possess when trying to be successful in corporate America, it’s not prevalent in everyone who experiences success. I’ve had successful Management Consultants who work in highly regarded firms ask me to coach them on confidence. These are people who you would assume are plenty confident. The same goes for Hollywood actors or other famous and successful people.

There are several other layers and techniques people can use to build up their self esteem. By doing so it can help you immensely in the business world.

3. Drive – The Ability to Follow Through And Get What You Want

Being able to follow through and bring a project to completion is a key competency in a good employee. Similarly, we coach singles the importance of following up after the first date and for the men, continuing to pursue the lady thereafter. One needs to be proactive and go after what he or she wants in both business and in personal matters.

4. Conversation & Communication Skills 

Recently, I’ve been to a couple of events and met a few salespeople who clearly lacked communication skills. I really had to carry the conversation and inevitably, they called me asking for my business. Needless to say I was not interested. 

We’ve all been in meetings that reveal afterwards that the attendees heard different messages.  Similarly, two people can go on a date and when they follow up with me, I hear two distinctly different versions of the event.

In order to have a good meeting or to get what you want from a client or anyone for that matter, one needs to have great communication skills.  If they’re awkward in their delivery, lack decent grammar, or simply don’t understand how to have a dialogue that goes back and forth there is going to be a problem. They’re going to be quickly written off and disregarded with no progress being made with the task at hand.

It’s a skillset, you either naturally have it or you don’t, but you can learn techniques and practice to improve these skills.

5. Relationships – Connections create opportunities 

In order to be successful in business, you need other people. Networking and the good relationships you make will not only help you to get things done, but also open the door to other opportunities you may not have had access to previously.  How you go about making those connections and building those relationships require many of the same skills as in dating.

If someone is very different from you, it’s unlikely you’ll really connect.  Think about someone from south Georgia on a phone call with a New Yorker.  Even if they want the same thing, they’re going to drive each other crazy because one talks much slower than the other.  If the New Yorker wants to build a connection with the Georgian, then they need to slow it down. Not fake the accent, just slow it down. Look for a place of common ground to build rapport.  This can be done by finding something that they have in common so that the Georgian will start to feel comfortable with them. One person has to make an effort to build that chemistry/connection and build rapport.

Knowing your audience and how to connect with different types of people can be extremely beneficial. A successful communicator knows how to change their pitch, tone, speed, delivery etc. and mirror it with the person they’re speaking to in order to make themselves more relatable and therefore, likable.  

Business skills to develop for connection are essential in today’s world. Dressing for success and projecting confidence leaves a lasting impression. The capacity to pursue your goals with determination and drive can help you achieve success in both your career and personal life. Additionally, strong communication and relationship-building skills are crucial to building meaningful connections and creating opportunities for growth and success.

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