How to Flirt with a Text

Often times people ask me both how to decode text messages from someone you’re dating and what to say or text someone they like. There’s no one text that works for every message, but here’s one tip you can implement.

When you’re texting you lose the tone and feeling that you would hear from someone if you were talking instead. One way to make up for that is by using emojis. This goes for women as well as you guys out there. Women will see you as being cute if you’re using emojis and men will see women as being sweet or feminine. Sometimes less is better.

Using emojis as a visual will be entertaining and they’ll think of you as fun, lighthearted, and even can leave a bit of mystery. Texting and using emojis is a way to flirt or say something without saying it directly. Don’t be afraid to use the emojis, but also don’t go overboard. ?

Want to practice your flirting technique with someone new? ❤️


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