26 Date Ideas At Home

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Let’s face it. Netflix and Chill are probably starting to get old by now. You’ve rearranged your closet or the garage to the point of insanity and finally completed several other household tasks that have been on your to-do list for far too long. It’s time to get creative and change things up. I’ve compiled a list of 26 Date Ideas for you and your significant other to try during the coronavirus quarantine.

  1. Watch Youtube tutorials to learn how to dance. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the 2-step dance. Now’s your chance!
  2. Facetime with your friends or family over dinner. Sometimes we just need to have some other adult interaction.
  3. Have a Spa Day! You could do manicures, facials, etc. This is a great opportunity to do a little upkeep since salons are all closed.
  4. Play games. Try Monopoly, Twister, Blackjack or interactive video games.
  5. Dress up and have a formal date night. You’ve been wearing pajamas for days now. This is a great opportunity to bust out that dress or suit you’ve been saving for a special occasion.
  6. Work out. Try free weights, pilates or anything to #stayfittogether.
  7. Take a walk outdoors, do some yard work, or go on a bike ride. Evening walks can be quite enjoyable while stargazing.
  8. Have a photoshoot. This may be a good time to update your LinkedIn photo or try out the funny filters on Snapchat and have a laugh.
  9. Take a personality test and learn about each other’s inner workings. A couple of good ones I like are Enneagram, DiSC assessment, Meyers Briggs and of course, the 5 Love Languages!
  10. Ask each other the questions from 36 Questions to fall in love with anyone. You’re bound to learn something new about your partner!
  11. Cook dinner together. Sharing the workload of cooking is nice. You can split it up so one person makes a part of the meal and the other is responsible for the other half.
  12. Put together a puzzle.
  13. Get artsy. You’ve likely heard of venues offering Pinot and Painting. Put your creativity to work!
  14. See if there’s a drive-in movie theater in your area.
  15. Plan your next vacation. This is a great time to buy tickets for future trips as long as you have the option to cancel if necessary.
  16. Take an online class together. Maybe you both want to get your pilot’s license or hone your fly fishing skills.
  17. Read a book together. You could read aloud and take turns. It’s a nice break from the TV!
  18. Write a song, a poem, or just a letter for each other and share it with them. You’ll be building memories with these.
  19. Play bartender or barista and make cocktails, coffees, or smoothies.
  20. Go through old photos together or better yet, create photo albums of your digital photos and order them online.
  21. Do yoga and find your zen!
  22. Sing karaoke! As if being quarantined isn’t bad enough, now you can torture your partner with your lovely singing voice.
  23. Take a bath together and see where that leads. That’s if you have a tub and you can both fit in it of course.
  24. Learn a new language. Maybe you both want to visit France in the future. There are so many language apps. Try Duolingo or Babbel.
  25. Exchange back or foot massages. We all have some tension in our backs right now. This is a great opportunity to help take care of each other.
  26. Bake desserts. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?
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