The Science of Creating a Spark with Someone Special

The rules of human chemistry are straightforward: a chemical bond holds human molecules together to form bound-state entities (think marriage and relationships). These bonds are responsible for setting up that special connection you feel with someone (aka the spark).

There have been many attempts to explain the reason(s) behind the occurrence of romantic chemistry. According to research, you need a combination of factors to “spark” such chemistry: physical attraction, communication, similarities, sincerity, and spiritual connections

Physical Attraction

Whether you met a person online or had yourself set up professionally by a Tampa matchmaker, sexual attraction remains a crucial factor in romantic chemistry. When you and your partner can’t keep your hands off each other, it’s an evidence of physical, romantic chemistry.

Sexual chemistry, however, doesn’t often equate to love. You might be attracted to someone physically and would want to sleep with them, but love has nothing to do with it. A big part of physical chemistry can be sexual, but it also requires trust from your partner.


Verbal and non-verbal communication is a vital component of sparking chemistry. When two people experience a deep connection, communication is more open and effortless — almost as if you’ve known each other for a long time.

When two people’s communication styles complement or match each other, it’s easier to create rapport. The less awkward silence there is between two people, the better the chemistry.


It helps to date someone quite similar to you. When you meet people who share a lot of similarities, you may feel comfortable disclosing sensitive information about yourself. This is because you believe your partner will understand you and vice versa. The ability to understand each other leads to feelings of mutual trust and security.


Apart from communication and similarities, it’s essential to be sincere with your partner to build mutual trust — the foundation of any successful relationship. When your partner is genuine, you trust that they genuinely understand what you are going through and even offer their sympathy/empathy.

Spiritual Connection

Belief systems need not be based on religion. Some couples experience strong chemistry through their shared beliefs in living, environmentalism, vegetarian diet, or other principles that do not require religious views as a basis. On the other hand, some couples practice and share traditional religious views.

When couples have different religious beliefs, one may ask the other to convert, but it’s still possible to maintain spiritual, romantic chemistry despite differences in faith. Interfaith marriages can still be successful if both partners are willing to make room for each other’s religious views.

The Bottom Line

People who are more similar to one another have a higher chance of experiencing deep, romantic chemistry. A combination of these factors is needed at the right place and at the right time to create strong connections.

It sounds difficult; after all, meeting the right person at the right time doesn’t always happen to everyone. But with the right help, magic can happen.

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