4 Things to Consider Before Hiring A Matchmaker

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), romance scams raked in a whopping $304 million in 2020. The number of complaints roughly tripled between 2016 and 2020, while the overall cash damages recorded more than quadrupled. Suffice to say, given these numbers, it might be time to find a matchmaker service.

But it’s challenging knowing which one to hire because many have sprung up. It’s also unfortunate that many aren’t as trustworthy or compassionate as they claim. So, here are the most essential points you should know before hiring the services of a matchmaker.

What You Must Know Before Hiring A Matchmaker Service

What is their background?

As a professional, time is the most valuable thing. It’s important to know if your chosen matchmaking service is officially authorized before you engage financially and emotionally in someone taking control of your love life.

If they took the effort to get their accreditation, you could bet they approach their matching services like a full-time job rather than a passing hobby.

Are they knowledgeable about their industry?

A reliable matchmaker service must continually update themselves on rising dating trends, new dating locations, statistics, and so on.

Ask about the process they would use to meet the type of person you’re looking for. What will they do now? What are they going to do for you? These are just a few of the crucial questions that an educated matchmaker should be able to answer. By this, you should tell who is serious about matching and who is doing it as a side job.

Remember, though, matchmaking is a business. It is a profession based on emotion, intuition, and integrity. All of those attributes are present in the finest matchmakers.

Do they have a massive network?

Wouldn’t you be more likely to trust a matchmaker service whose network comprises not just your demographic but also the type of partner you’re looking for?

An excellent matchmaker service is a familiar face and personality within their network. They are well-informed on the people in their social circles. You know you’re on the right track when a client gives a description of what they’re searching for romantically; the matchmaker’s mind quickly jumps to probable matches.

Ask your matchmaker service how extensive their connection is in the industry and see if they are willing to go above and beyond to find you the best person for you.

Are they people of their word?

Credibility is important: if they try to sell you on their social network, conduct your own research. Look them up on social media, read their website, check how many legal battles they’ve had, and so forth.

No business is perfect, but clients want to come fairly close with so much competition in the matchmaking industry. By checking their reputation online, you will be assured that the services they supply are competent, well-educated, and capable of producing a genuine result.

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