Dating in Quarantine: Find Love During Lockdown

The US has become increasingly independent, and therefore, isolated. I hear from people who have moved here from other countries just how difficult it is for them to build friendships, networks, and relationships. Unfortunately, so many people have focused on getting their social interactions via social media or just text. We’ve all been at dinner with someone and they or maybe you are distracted by the phone.

Connections can be as simple as giving a compliment to a stranger, a 5-minute chat on the phone with a friend, or smiling as we pass by someone. It doesn’t necessarily require you to have a heart to heart conversation. It’s just that quick simple dose of a relationship that could be enough to fill you up and give you the happiness we require as social creatures.

Studies show that social isolation is worse on our health than obesity or smoking. Having a strong social network can increase life expectancy by up to 50%. Relationships strengthen our immune system and help us recover from illness faster, which is one more reason why during this time when we’re facing a pandemic, we need connection more than ever.

Of course, it’s challenging to date especially someone new if you can’t physically be with them so I’ve compiled 5 tips for Dating in Quarantine.

  1. Creative Communication

    1. Use video

    2. Send pictures and audio clips

    3. Be engaging

    4. 36 questions to Fall in love

  2. Flirt

    1. Create sexual tension

    2. Teasing

    3. Be Funny

  3. Activity Dates

    1. Facetime & Wine

    2. Take them with you anywhere you go (or don’t go)

    3. Play games together, watch movies, show off talents/skills

    4. Recommend books, videos, etc.

  4. Surprise them with your generosity

    1. Surprise Gifts, postcards, handwritten letters, etc.

    2. Food – restaurants

    3. Offer to pick them up something from the store if you’re in the same city

  5. Keep it positive

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