How To Tell Someone You Like Them

Have you ever been interested in someone and then decided to let them know what you were feeling? You think it’s going to be ok, but they end up ghosting you. Today I’m going to be discussing the main reason why someone disappears.

Society has taught women that we should “play hard to get”. We don’t want to take on the role as the man and pursue him. A lady should just sit back and expect the man to somehow magically know she’s interested and then pursue her. We think that if we tell a guy that we like them, then we’re coming off as desperate and giving him all the power to determine the future and fate of the relationship. I think this is actually quite the opposite. A strong confident woman goes after what she wants. She does the selecting and she gets the guy she wants.

Another problem exists for guys. Guys are so afraid to be a bother to a woman or be perceived as a creeper that they opt to not do anything at all, and therefore, nothing ends up happening.

If you leave it up to fate, then you just get stuck with whoever will approach you, which is usually not the most ideal mate. As a confident person, you know your value and what you want so you’re not afraid to go after it.

It’s a myth that you can play hard to get in order to attract the person you want. If you think you’ll keep all the power and still get your ideal match, you’ve been misled. Real confidence is someone who isn’t afraid to let the other person see their cards so to speak.

You want to show your interest in the right way. You see, the issue is that so often when people tell the other person they’re interested, they do it and expect a reaction from the other person. If someone was interested and pursuing you, then you finally reveal to them how you feel, you’ve changed and you’re no longer the person you were when they were pursuing you. They liked that person. The one who had it going on and didn’t need them. The person you are today has stopped what you were doing and suddenly turned your attention to them and not what you were doing before. Instead what you should do is let them know you’re interested and then go back on with your life. Be the person you were before. The one they were into and attracted to so much.

A truly confident person will say I like you, but I don’t need you and if you don’t appreciate me or give me what I want, I’m not interested anymore. They will let someone know they’re into them and then move on with their day. If you tell your love interest that you like them and then just wait around for them, then you’re giving up your power and leaving your fate in their hands. They won’t value you if you’re standing there waiting for them and have made them feel as if you’ll always be there and they can always come back and have you any time they want. Scarcity creates demand.

The key is to be a truly confident person who can reveal how you feel, but then move on with your life, which in turn keeps them wanting and pursuing you just the same as they did before.

What other reasons do you think people disappear on each other at the beginning? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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