Matchmaking Services: 5 Reasons Why They’re Worth the Investment

Today’s dating landscape gives us several options for finding a potential partner. You can meet people organically by socializing at your places of interest or you can ask your friends to set you up with someone. Dating apps and websites make the search easy, allowing you to talk to your potential date online then to set up a meeting if you feel chemistry.

Although there are several ways to find a date, pinpointing someone with whom you can connect can be a challenge. If you find yourself wanting to improve your chances of getting an excellent date, consider hiring a matchmaker.

The Matchmaking Process

Matchmaking dates to ancient times, when marriages were used as a strategic move to ensure dominance over land, status, and wealth. Back then, matchmakers were hired by families to pair their children with partners that were as wealthy, if not wealthier, as their own family. Consent between the bride and groom was of little to no importance.

Today, matchmaking remains strong, with an estimated  1,600 businesses of this nature operating in the United States. Singles pay a fee, fill out a form, and meet with a matchmaker. The matchmaker will then go through their list of current clients and interview potential dates to see if they match your personality and values. Once they find a match, they’ll contact you and arrange a date.

The Benefits of Matchmaking Services

Why should you invest in reliable matchmaking services? We list five reasons:

1 | Meet commitment-minded singles

Matchmakers will present to you potential matches from their extensive database. This means that these people have also paid for the services of a matchmaker with the interest of finding a long-term partner. This greatly increases the likelihood of you finding someone who is interested in more than just a casual date.

2 | Personal service

Dating apps and websites rely on algorithms to find a match, while going out to meet people requires luck. On the other hand, matchmakers take a more personal approach. Once you hire them, they’ll take the time to get to know your personality, as well as what you want in a partner. This allows them to narrow down their search and find the person you’re looking for.

3 | Saves time

Finding a date on your own involves going to places to search for a date or taking the time swiping left or right on your dating app. When you hire a matchmaker, they will find, screen, and personally interview potential dates for you. This gives you more time to attend to work and other personal matters.

4 | Safety

Finding a date on your own involves some risk since you could meet people who might take advantage of you or misrepresent themselves on the app and even during your initial meeting. Matchmakers do background checks of potential candidates, and they personally meet the matches to make sure they are sincere.

5 | Date coaching

Aside from making sure you find the perfect match, matchmakers also help you make an excellent impression. They’ll give you advice on your appearance and dating etiquette. Your success is their success, so they do their very best for you to find and keep your potential partner.

Find Your Kindred Spirit with Luma Search

When looking for a lifetime partner, leave the search to the professionals. Luma Search provides luxury matchmaking services for people who want fulfilling, long-term relationships.

With an 85% success rate, we take pride in focusing on quality matchmaking to find the perfect partner for our clients. We conduct initial screenings and accept only clients who have a high chance of success with our service. We also provide coaching to help your date go as seamlessly and smoothly as possible.

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