Hiring a Matchmaker? Ask Them These 4 Questions First

Many daters are now ready for something more serious than a fling. According to a survey by dating app OkCupid, 80 percent of users are looking for a steady partner post-pandemic. They said that their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic made them want to settle down earlier than they originally intended.

Dating has only become more complex in a post-pandemic world, however; it’s even more difficult for singles to find the long-term relationships they want.

If you’re one of the singles ready to start settling down, one of your options is to hire a matchmaker. Matchmaking services set you up with people with similar interests and values so you won’t have to struggle through as many failed dates.

This makes your choice of a matchmaker critical to your success. So, before hiring a matchmaker, ask them these four questions to make sure their matchmaking process aligns with your dating needs.

1. How do you find prospective dates or matches?

One of the most important questions to ask a matchmaker is how they conduct their recruitment process. You want to know not just where they find their clients, but also how carefully they vet each potential match. Ask them if all their members are from sign-ups or if they actively recruit clients from events.

You also want to ask matchmakers if they interview their clients personally, whether in-person or virtually. Doing so guarantees that the matchmaker knows each of their clients well, so they can match you with people who are highly compatible with you.

Additionally, knowing where your matches came from ensures your safety. You don’t want to be matched with someone with a suspicious background.

2. How many introductions do I get with the fee?

Some matchmakers advertise by offering unlimited dates to get you to sign up. These kinds of offers, however, are too good to be true. You might be charged additionally for the extra introductions or get paired with incompatible people just to increase the number of dates you go on.

Instead, choose a matchmaker who can set you up on one to two dates each month. This way, the matchmaker has enough time to look for someone you’ll potentially click with and you have a whole month to try and get to know them.

Additionally, see if you can put your membership on hold while you’re seeing someone regularly so as not to use up your dating quota.

3. What are your follow-up procedures?

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The ideal matchmaker follows up with you after each introduction to let you know if there’s any feedback from your date. This takes out the guessing game aspect of dating and helps you make sure if you’re on the same page as the person you met.

If you don’t think you’re compatible with your date, you can also communicate that with your matchmaker. They can inform the other person for you if you don’t want to say it yourself then continue introducing you to new potential partners.

4. What’s your success rate?

Lastly, ask about the matchmaker’s success rate. Although this doesn’t guarantee the success of your venture in finding a partner, it does give you an idea of how effective their matchmaking process is, making it easier for you to decide which service to hire from your shortlist.

If it’s possible, it also helps to ask about their successful matches. What are their personalities? What do they do for a living? If one of their successful couples are similar to you, that means the matchmaker understands what you’re looking for in a partner.

After asking potential matchmakers these questions, compare their answers, pricing schemes, and added perks to choose the one who suits your dating needs and budget best.

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