What To Look For in a Good Matchmaker

A good matchmaker cares about their clients, puts effort into knowing what they prefer, and ensures that they both have lasting relationships. They want to find that special person and will do everything to make that happen.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking shares these qualities a matchmaker should have:

5 Top Characteristics of a Good Matchmaker 

Emotionally intelligent 

It’s important for any matchmaker to be sensitive and treat other people with respect.  A good matchmaker should take time to get to know the clients and the ideal traits of their potential partners before they begin to verbalize it.

Emotional intelligence entails the ability to effectively communicate and be aware of the nuances of people’s interactions. They’re able to connect with their clients more because of this trait. They also have more empathy, are sensitive, and are more aware of other’s feelings. Your ideal matchmaker should find it easy to relate to people, so they treat them with compassion and generosity regardless of their identity. 

At ease with people 

Since they often seek opportunities to make a match, networking is an important skill for matchmakers. They wouldn’t know who the next client may be, so they should be naturally warm, charming, and can easily put people at ease. They love talking and listening to people, and pairing them is what excites them.

They also rely on family and friends besides speaking with people they meet in their daily life. Most of the time they treat them as resources in trying to get to know and understand their potential clients. 

Have a giving heart 

Matchmakers develop personal relationships with their clients that each has their own personalities and demands. They will help develop the confidence and positive attitude that’s needed in the matchmaking process. There are times that negativity on the client’s past relationships needs encouraging and positive thoughts, so they gain the confidence to meet other people again.

Being devoted to helping others even if it takes hard work is an important quality for a matchmaker. It helps them connect with their clients more, therefore giving them the best quality of service that they deserve. 


Matchmakers don’t give up easily. They know what’s best for the clients and if they think a match has potential, they are persistent for that match to happen. There are also times when clients get fussy, and they would need to consistently work with them to find the right person for them.

Sometimes on top of matchmaking, clients also need a little coaching. They add that personal touch and bespoke service that matches the client’s specific needs. They are highly trained to ask the important questions that will help them persistently look for a client’s match. 

Have Patience

Building relationships with clients and making matches need trust and patience. A good matchmaker always meets the client personally and gets to know them. It’s important to always be on the same page to make the matchmaker-client relationship work. A matchmaker knows that being slow and steady will win the matchmaking race.

Reliable and expert matchmakers

Luma Luxury Matchmaking offers high-end services to help you meet your perfect partner. You’ll be connected to the right people and be able to enjoy a  fulfilling, long-term relationship.

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