How to Keep the Passion Alive in a Relationship

There are many who dismiss passion as a component of the relationship that doesn’t last after two months, or even less. They consider it as the “honeymoon phase” where the two are absolutely obsessed with each other. Passion is apparently not necessary in a “real” relationship.

Except that it is. And it’s important to know the keys to keeping the passion alive in a relationship so it will last. Passion is frequently misunderstood for “infatuation.” 

If you find yourself in many passionate relationships that have a tendency to burn out quickly, you may be in love with the process of falling in love, and not necessarily your partner.

Slow down with the relationship, and be realistic and try to fall in love with them. Figure out their quirks and pet peeves and personal opinions. Find out how they were raised, and what their parents are like. See if they are truly right for you as a person, and compatible with you romantically.

What we should do is seek passion in our relationships. If you go on a first date with someone and it was pretty average, try meeting at least two more times before deciding that they’re not compatible with you.

People can really grow on you, and it takes time for that to happen as well. Once you get to know a person, you may find yourself really attracted to them – that is passion. Loving them for their personality is the start of a passionate relationship.

Loving them for their personality

A prime example of such is our very own April Davis, founder of Luma Luxury Matchmaking. When she went on her first date with her current husband, she thought he was nice but a bit on the nerdy side. She decided to go on a few more dates, and she slowly developed an attraction for him.

The reason as to why she fell in love with him had nothing to do with trivial aspects like physical attraction, but she loved him for him, and now they are happily married with a passionate relationship.

It’s a good thing to generally try to think of all of your past exes, and figure out the reasons why things didn’t work out. Learn from your mistakes, and improve with your next relationship.

Don’t get carried away with the first few stages of the relationship and give up once that initial excitement is over. That very feeling is infatuation. The intensity of the relationship will eventually fall out after a brief period of time, and you will be left feeling rather empty inside.

Fall in love and really get to know them, and you will find that that is a gateway towards a real passionate relationship. 

A passionate relationship does not mean there needs to be firecrackers and excitement all of the time – it simply means to keep the fire ignited.

The key to that is to fall in love with them as a person. Take things slowly, and you will be able to reach long-term relationship milestones gradually. Learn how to make dating an easier process, and maintain that even level of passion all the meanwhile.

Find the Right Person to Be Passionate About

Now that you know all about keeping the passion alive in a romantic relationship, it’s time to find the right person with whom you can be passionate.

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