The Meaning Behind Your Date’s Body Language

Body language is a universal language that everyone uses whether they realize it or not, but it’s the hardest to detect. What your date is saying versus how he is acting really shows his underlying emotions for you. Of course, there is no surefire way of mastering what everybody’s body language is saying, but here are a few tips on what to expect when a man is acting in a certain manner.

Watch their eyes

Pay attention to your date’s eyes – this is the biggest giveaway of all body language. Also, if you’re going on a blind date, it is crucial for one to make lots of meaningful eye contact so that they can establish an emotional connection with one another.

Note where your date’s eyes are looking at to determine the meaning of their looks. For instance, if they give you a quick scan and look away just as fast, it seems that they were expecting someone better dressed, or that a part of your physique does not suit their tastes.

On the other hand, frequent eye contact with a little crinkle shows that their smile is genuine, and it even reaches their eyes. This shows that they enjoy your company.

Look at their lips

Look at their lips

In addition, your date’s lips are a key component in detecting how they feel about you.

If the conversation is heading towards a direction that they do not feel comfortable with, they may purse their lips, or even pout. If you see this happening, this is a clear indication that you should steer the conversation away from that topic, and lighten the mood.

If they stare at you with their mouth agape as you are talking, it shows that they are processing what you said and trying to figure out how to reply to that.

If they start chewing on their lip, it is a signal that they are feeling nervous. Gently coax them so that they feel more comfortable around you, and they will gradually open up.

Pay attention to the posture

Notice your date’s posture. If they are leaning in towards you, they are deeply engaged in the conversation, and it’s a reassuring sign that the date is going well.

Moreover, a slouched position with their shoulders going forward shows that your date is an insecure, private person and is not willing to open up.

Another obvious hint that they are just waiting for this date to be over is when they don’t bother making eye contact with you, and would much rather stare at their food. 

Listen to their voice

Voice is a huge element of body language. If their voice is booming and lively, it’s likely that they are having a fun time with you, and you can bet that there will be more and more dates coming after this one.

Otherwise, if it is dull and monotonous, this type of body language might mean that they are bored and uninterested.

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