5 Tips to Enhance the Intimacy in Your Relationships

Relationships and love are wonderful, joyful, and quite possibly the most exhilarating thing us humans will ever experience.  It can also be a huge pain. Relationships and marriage especially can take some real hard work as they start to go stale after some time. Anyone who’s been married before is probably nodding their heads in agreement right now and also rolling their eyes whenever they hear their friends talking about their requirements for a future partner. So what’s the key to making love last the test of time? What popular beliefs are leading us astray and what can we do to have a great relationship? We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to bring a little spice back into your relationship.

  1. Ask your partner thought-provoking and revealing questions. I love questions from the NY Times viral article, “36 questions to fall in love with anyone” which has you ask your partner deeper and deeper questions as you go along.It would be nice to make time for regular heart-to-heart conversations where you discuss your dreams, fears, and aspirations openly. Share your past experiences, hopes for the future, and personal growth journeys to deepen your emotional connection. Feel free to explore sensitive topics and encourage your partner to do the same, as it fosters empathy and understanding between you both.Remember, genuine curiosity and active engagement with your partner’s inner world are key to increasing relationship intimacy.
  2. Do some sort of activity or sport together which will get you out of the habit of dullness and can be fun.  Maybe go to the gym and go in the hot tub or sauna together. This will get your clothes off and get you both thinking about sex.Engaging in physical activities together can also release endorphins, boosting your mood and promoting a positive atmosphere. Don’t get hyper-focused on nailing every physical activity! Have fun and create shared experiences that strengthen your emotional and physical connection.
  3. Talk about sex, intimacy, relationships, etc. You can take the love language quiz together and see each other’s love languages.  This is revealing, fun, and will get you on the path of being closer.Engaging in open conversations about your sexual preferences, needs, and fantasies can lead to greater sexual compatibility and a stronger emotional bond.Taking the love language quiz together goes beyond just identifying your love languages; it sparks meaningful discussions on how to meet each other’s emotional needs effectively. This process of self-discovery and understanding strengthens the foundation of your relationship and enhances your ability to express love and affection.As you delve into intimate conversations, remember to approach the topic with empathy and non-judgmental attitudes, creating a safe and supportive environment for your partner to share their thoughts and feelings.Talk about sex, intimacy, relationships


  4. Get them to laugh.  Even if you have to attend a comedy show together, which can lead to inside jokes later, it is a great way to build up a connection.  Laughter releases feel-good hormones, creating positive associations with each other. Share funny videos or stories; don’t hesitate to be silly or playful.Developing a shared sense of humor strengthens the emotional bond and helps you navigate challenging times with lightheartedness. Embrace spontaneity and find joy in the little moments. Don’t forget laughter is a powerful tool for increasing relationship intimacy and bringing more happiness.Get Them Laugh
  5. Appreciation – Don’t forget to say thank you even if it’s for something small.  Men love to make their women happy and they really enjoy hearing it from her. Express gratitude often, not just for grand gestures but also for the little things they do daily.
    Acknowledging their efforts builds a sense of value and encourages more acts of kindness. Compliment their strengths and achievements, boosting their confidence and affirming their role in the relationship. Showing appreciation goes both ways, and mutual admiration strengthens the bond between partners.

With these tips in mind, you can increase the intimacy you share with your partner in your relationship. If you’re looking for more valuable relationship advice and other dating tips, you can hear from the experts on our blog.

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