Navigating Flirting Rules With Your Partner

Hi, I’m April Davis, a matchmaker and dating coach with LUMASearch.com. With my extensive experience in the field, I am frequently approached by individuals seeking advice on the art of flirting. Flirting is a complex and dynamic aspect of human interaction that can vary from person to person.

While everyone has their unique way of flirting, certain flirting rules can help you maintain a friendly and enjoyable dynamic when interacting with others. Whether you’re looking to spice up your relationship, understand your partner’s perspective on flirting, or simply seek tips for a more harmonious interaction, I’m here to offer guidance and support. Let’s get started!

What are some of the actions that can often be misinterpreted as flirting?  

Some people may misconstrue being friendly or polite as flirting. This is why you should be aware of certain flirting rules to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Smiling or asking how you are doing could even come off wrong if your tone and demeanor are more flirtatious. Other examples of easily misinterpreted flirting can include commenting on their clothing or hair, talking, and joking around.

One way to distinguish if it’s inappropriate is asking yourself if this would occur if both of your partners were present.

On the other hand, I once was talking with a client of ours and he told me that women often flirt with him. I asked him to give me examples of this and he said on the way up to our meeting some girl smiled and said hello to him in the elevator. That got me thinking that there are probably hundreds of people who think I was flirting with them where in fact I am just a friendly, open person. Being friendly is not always flirting.

A Man and Woman Arguing Each Other

Suppose someone engaging in flirtatious behavior shows a lack of respect towards their relationship or the person they are with and disregards their partner’s concerns. In that case, it raises serious concerns about their character. 

A healthy relationship requires trust, open communication, and mutual respect. When someone constantly seeks attention from others beyond what their partner can provide and disregards their partner’s feelings, it indicates a deeper issue. It suggests that they may be insecure or lacking maturity, unable to find fulfillment in the affection of just one person. 

Such behavior can strain the trust and stability of a relationship, leading to emotional distress for both parties involved. Always prioritize honesty, trust, and consideration for your partner’s feelings, and be aware of some flirting rules in any relationship. Building a solid foundation based on mutual respect and commitment is essential for a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

I hope exploring the subject of flirting rules has given you some helpful guidance on how to communicate openly with your partner and establish healthy boundaries. If you’re interested, you can find more dating tips and advice on Luma Luxury Matchmaking’s blog page, and if you’re currently single and seeking “The One,” we’d be delighted to assist you on your journey. Sign up for a membership today. 

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