Why Matchmaking Services Are Valid (And Needed) Today

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Love Island — these reality dating shows continue to thrive despite the stigma that the relationships that take shape during shooting are all fake, staged, and simply impossible to last. It’s because people know the difficulties of dating: how hard it is to find someone who’s not only physically attractive (or is, at the very least, your type) but also possesses the qualities you’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe even a lifelong partner.

Our professional matchmakers in Los Angeles understand these difficulties very well. Having worked with hundreds of individuals who struggled to find the perfect match in LA’s sometimes chaotic dating scene, Luma Luxury Matchmaking knows how varied men and women’s preferences can be even though most share the same hopes of finding good people with whom they share a strong attraction and chemistry.

Here lies the relevance of matchmaking services in this day and age. Here’s a closer look at what matchmaking can do for you.

Matchmaking makes you reflect on what you really want

Matchmaking cuts through the inane and unnecessary, giving you a clear path to the people with whom you can form relationships. What the team does is just the legwork, however; the guidelines must come from you.

It’s common for people to give a broad description of what they’re looking for in a partner. Good looks, engaging personality, similar ethics and beliefs, good background, etc. As we go through the process of narrowing down possibilities and you start meeting people, you’ll realize which qualities are truly important for you.

Matchmakers eliminate the unqualified

With the Internet giving everyone access to everyone else, the likelihood of meeting people you don’t want to have anything to do with increases exponentially every day. Matchmakers do what dating apps often get wrong: deciding if a potential candidate is a good fit for the client.

There’s also the matter of verifying a candidate’s profile. Some embellish their backgrounds, personalities, achievements, and intentions. Others do not lie but leave out a few crucial facts about themselves (e.g., are married, still in the process of divorcing, have children, are underage, etc.). These are details that you eventually find out about a person. If, however, they are intent in concealing these details until you’ve already formed an attachment to them, you’re unlikely to discover the truth.

Matchmakers meticulously vet candidates

Professional matchmakers are no investigators, but we’re confident about one thing: we know how to read people. More importantly, we don’t introduce people until we’ve verified their identities and backgrounds, that they are exactly who they say they are. Our candidates go through an extensive vetting process because we want to get to know them on a deeper level, too. This is how we determine that someone can be a good match for a client.

Matchmakers offer coaching

Anyone who goes on a date will want to put their best foot forward. Sometimes, however, their nerves and self-doubt can get in the way. It’s part of a matchmaker’s duty to help the client overcome their shyness (and for some, their inexperience with dating) by giving actionable tips on how to dress, what to say, what not to say, and where to go on their first, second, or third date.

A Personalized Service Just for You

personalized date

Anytime a matchmaker is not actively coaching or arranging meetups between clients, they are looking for eligible individuals who are also seeking romance and life partners. They expand their networks, build partnerships with establishments that can be helpful to clients (e.g., restaurants, event organizers, venues, jewelers, boutiques, barbershops, beauty salons, etc.), and study and update existing profiles of clients and prospects.

By the time a new client comes in, a matchmaker is ready to give a personalized service. This is why prestigious matchmaking services can cost as much as any other professional services. There’s so much work that goes into matchmaking and many people need them.

Seeking help from matchmakers may not seem like the most “romantic” as far as movies or love songs go, but it is a smart move that can save you a lot of headaches and embarrassing moments.

If your solo foray into dating has been disappointing so far, this is the place for you. Luma Luxury Matchmaking is one of the best matchmaking agencies in Los Angeles. We take pride in the matches we’ve bridged and honored with the trust given to us by LA’s elite. With our help, you can soon find who you’re looking for.

Let’s talk. Call Luma Luxury Matchmaking today.

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