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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LUMA’s professional matchmaking cost?

LUMA offers multiple membership options and a variety of matchmaking and dating services. Your personal matchmaker will build a customized plan based on your matchmaking needs and wants. The total matchmaking cost depends on the customized plan and how specific you want the search to be.

Membership fees typically range from $0 to $100,000. You can learn more about our professional matchmaking costs by meeting with a LUMA matchmaker.

Will my personal information remain private?

Yes. LUMA values confidentiality so any personal information that you share with us remains private and secure. All LUMA clients and members are confidential. You can rest assured that your data is available only to our professional matchmakers.

As a Database Member, what is the likelihood I will be matched?

We have 50,000+ members so your odds of being chosen are low, but there's always a chance.

If you appear to be a good match for a client, a Matchmaker will reach out to you to schedule a meeting in order to learn more about you.

What is LUMA’s clientele like?

LUMA offers personalized matchmaking service for elite singles. Our clientele includes a wide range of busy executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are ready to settle down with their ideal match. Our clients include men and women; the age ranges from the late 20s to 60s.

Around half of our clients have been through a divorce.

What is LUMA’s success rate?

Our professional matchmaking service has an 85% success rate. This is measured by the number of clients who enter into a serious relationship while they’re LUMA members.

Even clients who find their perfect match outside of our matchmaking service count toward LUMA’s success because we gave them the coaching that aided them to date successfully.

What other services does LUMA offer?

Professional matchmaking aside, LUMA offers date coaching services. We can help clients in all aspects of dating, from how you should dress to what you should talk about. We teach you how to put your best foot forward and build a happy, lasting relationship.

LUMA is a Luxury Matchmaking. We are helping singles to find the best match or perfect partner.
LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is the definition of high-end matchmaking services.
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