5 Signs that You and Your Date are a Good Match

You're On A Date And Not Sure If Your Date Is A Good Match. Here's Are 5 Tell-Tale Signs

1. You Have Shared Life Goals

It’s a very good sign if you have similar goals and want the same things out of life. When you want to get married and raise a family in the near future and they list that as a similar goal, that person is worth ticks a very important box. If either of you only wants less certain and the other wants a more serious relationship—that will cause friction and tension as the relationship develops. Ideally, whoever you date should have at least a shared life goal in common as the basis for a mutually-satisfying relationship.

2. You Have Common Interests

If you both enjoy doing the same things together like watching movies, playing chess, going on long trips or trying out different food—your date can lead to something more lasting. To be considered a good match based on common interests, you should have at least two things you enjoy doing together. If you don’t have any common interests, try to discuss trying out new things together as a couple and give it a little more time if you aren’t completely familiar with each other yet.

3. You have Common Values

This can be a deal-breaker. Before you even go dating, try writing down what values you have and what values you believe your partner should have. Relationships that are based on shared values can last a long time; those that aren’t simply won’t. Keep in mind that a partner who doesn’t share your values or worse, contradicts them, cannot have the same outlook for the happy relationship you want.

4. There aren’t any Deal-Breakers

Are there any lines that you draw that cannot be crossed? If not, then all is game. However, it may be that you haven’t come up with what’s really important to you. It may be that you’re looking to see what excites you, after all, they do say that opposites attract. Maybe you need someone different from you to complement yourself and that two of the same wouldn’t be best.

Of course, this is your preference, but it’s best to be clear on reasonable expectations so that you can maintain a sense of what you believe will make you happy.

5. There is Physical Attraction

This isn’t to mean that you must both be physically attractive, but rather that you both be physically attracted to each other. It may sound like a shallow premise for a good match, but it’s undeniable that physical attraction can contribute to long-term happiness.

These are promising signs that can show you that your steady date or match can turn into something lasting. Finding a good match takes time, so make the time to get to know the other person first before you decide they’re the one for you. 


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