3 Steps You Should Be Doing To Find & Keep Love.

Finding Love Is One Thing.
Keeping It Is Another.

Wondering how to find love, but searching in all the wrong places?

It’s not easy finding love – we’ll be the first to admit. In fact, finding love can actually be scary. And with the rising popularity of dating apps, it seems that today the act of finding love itself has lost its meaning altogether.

But finding love is a beautiful thing. It shouldn’t be scary. You just have to do it the right way, have the right intentions, and trust the process.

So how do you go about finding love – and keeping it? Here are some tips:

1. Ditch the Dating Apps

While there are stories of success with dating apps, more often than not, they lead to heartbreak and disappointment. 

Don’t put all your faith in dating apps. They can be a useful tool, but the fact is, it can be hard – if not downright impossible – to find someone on a dating app who has the same relationship and/or life goals as you.

While many people on dating apps like Tinder may be looking for a lifelong commitment, there is also a huge percentage of people using those kinds of apps who are only looking for flings, “friends with benefits”, or simply aren’t ready for a commitment.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Not only can it take an emotional and mental toll on you, but it can also lower your self-esteem if you start to notice a pattern of rejection or disappointment from failed dates. 

Read this blog post for more reasons why you should ditch the dating apps.

2. Seek a Partnership, Not Just a Romance

If you’re struggling with figuring out how to find love, it may be because of how you view relationships. Love is about more than just romance. It’s about partnership and growth. The secret to finding love – and keeping it – is finding someone who you can develop a partnership with.

Try to search for something that goes beyond just initial attraction. True love is about seeing and appreciating each other’s flaws, going through good and bad times, motivating and challenging each other, and helping each other grow.

3. Try a Matchmaking Service

If you are really looking for love, hiring a matchmaker is the way to do it.

Matchmakers take your preferences and relationship goals into consideration and work to find someone who is compatible with you while you get to sit back and relax. They also provide expert dating tips and add a personal touch to the dating experience.

Matchmakers are trained to ask the right questions to understand who you are as a person. They work hard to filter through and select dates that are right for you.

The people you find through matchmaking are just as invested in the process as you are. If you really want to find love, invest in a matchmaking service

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