5 Tips On How To Ask Someone Out Without Coming Off Creepy

Got A Love Interest? Here Are 5 Tips To Ask Them Out Without Seeming Creepy

Asking someone out doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience.  Although there’s no single formula to inviting someone out on a date, there are ways to make sure you don’t come off as creepy or inappropriate. As a trusted matchmaker, we give you five simple tips to approach your long-time crush or that stranger who frequents your favorite coffee shop without ruining your relationship before it even started:

1. Find a mutual interest

Are both of you into Japanese food? Perhaps you both love classical music or enjoy going to the theatre?  Shared interests make it easier to find common ground and naturally begin a conversation. If you’re already acquainted with someone, mutual interests can help build or strengthen a connection. If you’re talking  to a complete stranger, don’t be afraid to ask about their interests to get to know them better. Talking about the things you have in common allows you to be more confident in your own skin and prevents any awkward lulls in your conversation.

2. But also consider their personal interests

But what if you have zero mutual interests? You don’t have to like the same things all the time but you have to be willing to compromise. If you’re really interested in knowing your potential beau, be open to trying out the things they love.

Remember, you have more chances of impressing the other person if you take them somewhere they’re personally interested in. 

3. Invite them to a group date

Once the coast is clear for larger gatherings, a group date is a great option. The idea of a solo date can be intimidating for anyone. To lessen any first date jitters, invite your crush on a casual group outing first. This will let you get to know each other in a more relaxed and natural setting. It will also lessen any awkwardness you may feel when you finally move on to your solo date.

4. Keep it simple

Over-the-top gestures may work in movies but in the real world. An unsolicited grand gesture could overwhelm or pressure your potential partner to say yes. The goal is to keep the message short and sweet: “I would love to get to know you better. Would you be interested in going out with me?”

5. Don’t be too touchy

As long as it’s consensual, go for it. But if you’re unsure of how your date would respond, keep your hands to yourself. Intimate touches can come off as inappropriate or just plain awkward especially when you’re still in the “getting to know each other” stage.

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