Non-Negotiables in Dating: When and How to Determine Them

There are several dating apps and websites that claim to help single professionals find their match. These apps make it easier for people to meet and connect in their area. But this kind of accessibility also increases the chances of landing dead-end dates.

Your time is precious. You don’t want to go on multiple dates with someone, only to discover they have one of your relationship deal-breakers. Avoid this situation by establishing your dating non-negotiables early on.

When Do You Establish Your Non-Negotiables?

The dating stage is where you establish the foundation of your relationship. When you fail to communicate what you want to a potential partner, you risk encountering problems with them in the future. This can lead to arguments, fights, and even the end of your relationship.

The advantage of an executive dating service is that you meet singles who share your drive and passion. Making it work, however, is dependent on you. By communicating your non-negotiables during the dating stage, you create a solid basis for your future relationship.

How Do You Determine Non-Negotiables in Dating?

Everyone has relationship deal-breakers. These are things you don’t want to compromise on, whether they’re values, boundaries, or others. When determining your non-negotiables in dating, you have to ask yourself what you want from a long-term relationship. 

What do you value in a relationship or life?

Be honest with your needs and desires. This will help you determine the long-term potential of the person you’re seeing. It’s easy to overlook certain differences initially, but major disagreements can lead to a disastrous future. You don’t want to be with someone whose beliefs and values contradict yours. These may include values in money, religion, career and family.

What does your ideal relationship look like?

Think back to your past relationships to see what you were missing in them. Then look at your close friendships to see what you like about them. Doing this helps you identify what you want in a relationship. These include your potential partner’s sense of humor, political mindset, and parenting style.

What are you not willing to compromise on?

Even if you find someone who meets most of your ideal traits in a partner, you two may still have major differences. In these cases, it’s common for couples to find a compromise to make the relationship work. But the things you compromise on must be inconsequential in the long run. Otherwise, you risk facing disagreements in the future. A common non-negotiable is kids—if you want to start a family, you can’t enter a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to have kids.

Why Are Dating Non-Negotiables Important?

More often than not, you enter a relationship thinking it’s going to be ‘the one.’  The last thing you want is to discover years down the line that you have values and beliefs you can’t agree on. These rifts can grow and destroy your relationship at a time when you’re both already attached. It’s best to get these non-negotiables out of the way at the start of dating so you’d know right away where you do agree. LUMA Luxury Matchmaking Service is here to help you avoid these problems. Our Matchmakers take the time to get to know you, allowing us to find you an ideal match who shares your non-negotiables. 

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