Tired of Being Single? Here’s How to Get Back on the Dating Scene

You’re finally on top of your career in New York City, your friendships are thriving, your family is doing great… but you’re still single and tired of it. You may be asking yourself, how do I get back into the dating scene?

When everything in your life is in order but you find you’re still alone, the only thing stopping you from finding “the one” may be yourself. And while being single is completely okay, if it’s bringing you down or making you feel stuck in a rut, you have to get yourself unstuck and get back on the dating scene once more.

Not sure how to take the first step? We have a few suggestions below.

1. Change your attitude about singlehood and dating

If you’ve been single for way too long, it’s easy to get into the mindset that you’ll be single forever. If you’ve been single because of several failed attempts at dating, you might think the nights out are not worth it. If you’ve been single because of failed relationships, you might be scared to try again.

But all of that is just in your head. You’re not destined to be single forever, and trying and failing and trying again is not the only way to meet The One. Adopt a more positive attitude towards dating and it will manifest itself beautifully.

2. Put yourself out there

You’re at home, then you go to work, then you go back home. You stay in on the weekends. While there’s no shame in ordering takeout every night and binge-watching Friends on the weekend, this kind of routine won’t cut it if you want to put an end to your single status.

You have to literally and figuratively get out of your comfort zone if you want to pursue love. Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a cooking class. Go do it. Explore every art gallery in New York City, and consider the exciting possibilities of matchmaking in New York. Attend a poetry reading night. Sign up for a gym membership. Doing things that you wouldn’t normally do is a great way to shake up your routine, expand your social circle, and increase your chances of meeting someone.

3. Pursue your passion

You shouldn’t be looking for someone to complete you but to complement you. Remember: you are already a complete person. Keep that in mind when you want to meet someone. This also means that you should still find time to do the things that make give you joy and make you you. When you invest in yourself and do things that make you smile, you can be at your best and happiest self when you meet someone new. Remember, you’re more attractive when you’re having fun.

4. Take the initiative

Be proactive about your dating life by letting people your family, friends, and even some people in your extended network know that you’re ready to meet someone. Whether it’s a sibling, a work colleague, or a professional matchmaker, if you let them know that you’re interested in meeting someone through New York City matchmaking, they can connect you with a person who could be the love of your life.

Who knows? These people might already have someone in mind for you. By being honest with other people about your “ready to mingle” status, they are likely to lend you help by introducing you to other people.

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