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Our LGBTQ matchmaking services help busy, successful, and discerning LGBTQ singles find joyful, committed relationships. We have over 50,000 pre-screened singles, including LGBTQ singles, looking to find love without the struggles of dating sites and apps. Discover the difference that personalized services and high-quality introductions can make—with LUMA.

Why Hire an LGBTQ Matchmaker

Many adults in the LGBTQ community are still learning how to freely express their sexuality or overcome childhood bullying and trauma. These things could make it difficult to find a lifelong partner. Some people don’t have suitable options within their circles. Some simply want a fresh start.

As an established gay and lesbian Matchmaker, LUMA Luxury Matchmaking makes it possible to find the right person for each client. Our matchmaking dating service is confidential, customized, and exclusive.

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, and we pride ourselves in providing only the absolute best matchmaking and date coaching services to our singles who are part of the LGBTQ community.

Our team of Matchmakers are Certified Life Coaches with years of acquired knowledge and expertise. We are more than confident that we can help our LGBTQ clients meet a variety of elite gay and lesbian singles, improve their dating experience, and find the love of their lives that they have been searching for in their dating community.

Challenges of Dating in the LGBTQ Community

At LUMA, we believe everyone deserves a fair chance at finding real love, and the difficulty in attaining it is not lost on us. Looking for love and relationships can be tedious, tiring, and tasking.

Whether it is through traditional means or the increasingly common approach of using online dating websites, dating apps, and social media via direct message, finding love through online dating can be extremely time-consuming with little reward—especially when faced with the online dating culture of short-lived relationships and casual hookups.

Additionally, there are limited dating apps and websites to join when looking for a committed, long-term relationship as a single in the LGBTQ community. Although dating sites, dating apps, and social media dating are easily accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone, it can prove to be challenging if someone is looking to find a deep connection that could lead to the lifelong relationship they seek. This can lead people who are actively trying to date with hopes of entering a committed relationship to view love through a cynical lens. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hiring A Professional Gay and Lesbian Matchmaking Service

It is time to try a new approach when searching for love as a member of the LGBTQ community. The Matchmaking approach!

LUMA makes sure to focus on finding our clients elite singles to date rather than fixating on gathering as many dates for our clients as we can find. To us, it is all about quality over quantity.

This personalized service leads to better dates with people that our clients can relate to on a deeper level. It also increases our clients’ chances of finding the one that is right for them and an overall positive dating experience. LUMA has been able to accomplish our years of delivering high-quality personalized service through the use of what we call the LUMA Match Method.

Using our method, our Matchmakers first have a face-to-face interview and consultation with our potential client. This interview gives us the opportunity to get to know our clients better, including their personalities and characteristics as well as what they want in a potential partner and love interest. This allows us to conclude if we are the right fit for the client and helps us narrow our gaze on what kind of partner to search for on behalf of our client.

To ensure our client is presented with the luxurious and high-quality service they deserve, LUMA offers not only matchmaking services but also date coaching, personalized image profiles, style consultations, date planning, dating tips and advice, valuable dating feedback, and guaranteed privacy.

With over 40 locations spread all across the United States, you can now easily join our 50,000 singles of different backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and more who are also looking for long-term relationships.

With LUMA’s 85% success rate, our elite single clients are on their way to meeting their future spouses, and you can too!

We’ve helped 1,000’s
of SINGLES find love. 


    All members are vetted to ensure the highest quality individuals.

    We do initial screenings to ensure we can meet people’s expectations and only accept people we believe have the best potential to be successful through our service.

    We work as a team to match our clients and represent an average of only 15-20 clients per Matchmaker at a time. That way we can give you that much needed, one on one attention.

    We also work diligently with you at the beginning and along the way to provide you with valuable feedback and tips to help increase your chances for success.

    Your information is kept secure and for Matchmaker eyes only.
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LUMA Matchmaking is proud to support the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender community, bringing together wonderful singles who are looking for love. We value maintaining relationships with quality singles, and dedicate our efforts to aid clients in the search for developing deep, meaningful connections.

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