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LUMA offers several services, including courses and programs available for those looking to find love.

Digital Dating Mini Coaching Session- $299

The LUMA Love Method is being offered as a Mini Date Coaching session that enables you to work with our Dating Experts and receive the coaching you need to transform your dating profile and yourself in order to attract and attain the relationship you desire. This insight has only ever been received exclusively by our clients. For a limited time, we are now offering a special program for the first time ever to all our members.

What's Included?

    As Matchmakers, we have worked with 1000’s of people and know what challenges certain personalities may face in relationships and dating. We will give you this insight tailored just for you.
    During this session, you’re Dating Coach will review the various apps and sites with you and make suggestions on the right one for you.
    We’ll go through your profile and give you tips and feedback on your photos and verbiage
    Your Coach will go through your messages and advise you on the types of messages that work best.
    Your Dating Coach is going to get to know you through this session and will be able to give you feedback on what you can do to improve your dating game to attract the kind of person you want. We’ll go through all your photos and let you know what’s missing, what could be improved upon, and which ones work.

    It’s our mission to deliver the best possible experience to every client and create the ideal environment for personal growth.
    This service is not for everyone.
    We’re looking for people who are open to feedback and want to improve themselves and their life.
    You should be committed to making change happen and trying something new and different.
    If this sounds like you, sign up below and then schedule the time for your consultation.
    Stay healthy and we look forward to meeting you!
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